Meditation. Awareness. Yoga.


This year of 2020 has brought many changes for me. Six months ago, these pages would have included details about my office space, my teacher training program, and my private sessions.

Fast forward from March to this day and our country's economic, cultural and personal shifts for each and every person are raw and deep. My business is no exception.

Now, instead of those layered pages, my site is simple.

Yet the essence has not changed.

Whether a menu of services or - for now - a home for my writing, this place is about accessing wisdom, cultivating hope and recognizing choice.

Although I'm not offering workshops or private sessions right now, I'd love to connect with you by way of my blog, email, or on Instagram. Check out the Connect tab for details on that.

There is much work to be done right now. Cracks to break open. Light to shine through. There is much to feel. Much to muck through. Much to find gratitude in.

You are not alone.

Take good care as you explore what I have to offer in support,
Rachel Manetti
Writer and amateur philosopher, mother of 3, Certified-Yoga Therapist, M.A.