my friend told me to do it…

What’s that?

A crazy beautiful sky my friend saw after our walk yesterday morning.

Why does it matter?

Because it’s up there. (And confirms that August in NC isn’t all Hades-hell-fire-kinda-miserable.)

How do you see it?


Look up.


Welcome home.

It’s nice to be with you for this moment.

Take good care,

sizzlin’ summertime reset

I’m trying to focus and it’s not going so well.

My mind is a butterfly.
Or a bumblebee.
Or some insect way more frizzy-busy and way less goal focused.

bzzzzzzzzzzz…. splat.

(ugh. Just hit a window. Get up and go again…)

My kiddos went back to school today.
It’s been a rockin’ sprint summer from our first Disney trip to lake fun squared.

Fun can be exhausting.

And it’s SUPA DUPA HOT out there.

Steamy, soupy, hella hot.

We can’t change the heat.
This is.
(That’s some yoga wisdom right there.)


We can soften the blow of this heavy handed hotness.
(That’s some Ayurvedic wisdom right there.)

Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga.
It can sound weird, feel complicated and is hard for most of us to pronounce.

But it’s got a ton of simple smart stuff baked in.
You just have to know how to unwrap the package and see the pieces that are inside.

So let’s do that.

Ayurvedic Summer Reset
Saturday, July 30th
8:30-11:30 (AM Session)
12:30-3:30 (PM Session)
Or both!
Hosted at beautiful Sky Pond in Apex, NC
This is your chance to lower your temperature (and soothe your in-the-moment-temperament) with a sampling of simple but profound Ayurvedic tools. Tools that are more nourishing long-term than the go-to iced drink or cranked up A/C. Although yes, there will be A/C time as well during our Reset.

There are half and full day Ayurvedic Reset options available. All the details are here.

Think of this as a mini-retreat with a bunch of take-home goodness for body, mind and heart.
Including a full belly because I’m feeding you some Ayurvedic meals and drinkable treats.

Want to come for the full day? Grab a spot here.
Want a half day get-away? AM session is available here and PM session is right here.

Summer in NC isn’t just hot.
It’s a pool of close and thick that we get to swim through with each other.

Delightful, right?

It doesn’t have to be quite so hard.

Let’s take good care… together.

Treading in this summer soup with you,

p.s. Forward to a friend as well if you know someone who’s in the lane next to you in this not-so-refreshing pool. And if you know you’re all-in, book by July 10th with the code ALLIN15 to get $15 off the full day.

what’s my antidote?

When I get a full blown migraine,
the only thing I can be in is


The day before I get a migraine,
the only thing I need is
a lot of


Two days before I get a migraine,
the only thing I need is

and still.

Three days before I get a migraine,
the only thing I need is
a bit of

and still.

And every day,
one thing I need is
a tiny bit of

and still.

Pain flares are curious.

They offer many clues before they

Like a hammer.

Many clues.

And they tend to want
the same thing
from us.

Most. Every. Time.


Isn’t it interesting?

Take good care,

to hurt and to heal


It is most apparent to me in the work that we do on ourselves.
And the results that we see.

“I feel that with the physical, spiritual, and internal growth that you have helped me with, it will help me continue to get better and feel better. This feeling of somewhat normal feels AMAZING! Like I said to you, the pain I suffered for so long is unimaginable to me to have to suffer day in and day out. I am so thankful to you and the rest of the “squad”. It’s like regaining a second chance to enjoy and appreciate life.”

Right… this wise young man of 35 is so very right.

The results aren’t just what we see.

The results are what we feel.

I smile to have watched this tenacious client walk a bit of his journey of healing.

It is up and down and in and out and around – and back again.

But any interesting path offers us many views along the way. A hike with only waterfalls and rainbows would cease to be beautiful if we did not have contrast with the dense woods and the barely-there peeks out into the valley below.

Sometimes the leaves are so thick we can barely see our way out.

Dark shadows and entwined vines slow us down.

But we keep walking. Because that’s what we do.

And sometimes the woods thin out and the fog lifts and it’s crystal clear for miles upon miles.

That view.


We each wind our way through health and healing.

We each find the people that support us.

We each do it so we can be in our lives as fully as we can be.

To feel the joy, the loss, the learning and all that fills (and overfills) the space between.

Cheers to you as you grow.

Cheers to us as we grow.

Take good care,

when the earth cracks

How do we Be
with the weeping of the world?

How do we
hold it and lay it down
to rest?

How do we rock it
and soothe it
and love it?

How do we know what to do



How do we Be
with the weeping of the world?

How do we hold laughter,
and sweet ever more?

How do we Be
with the weeping of the world?

How do we soothe
that small, crying girl?

How do we Be
with the weeping of the world?

How do we care
step back
all at once?

How do we Be
with the weeping of the world?

How do
and how am

deep core connection: a mini-series

I’m sitting in a room the size of an airplane hangar watching a bunch of kids flip, flop, tumble, swing, and generally defy gravity.

eh. More so work with it.

I’m at my 9 year old’s gymnastics practice. And it’s awesome watching bodies move in every which way.

This place can look a bit like Olympics training grounds sometimes.

My favorite moves are the ones that are so controlled, so precise, so smooth.

A handstand lowered onto a flatback.
A back rollover into a pushup position.
A swing around the bars with that freeze frame of a handstand on top.

So cool. So much work. So much screwing up. So much trying again.

These kids have made core connection.
Yes, they’ve got a bunch of big ol’ muscles swinging them in and around and down and up.

But those slowed down, subtle, most awe inspiring moments to me, those are a whole different can of worms.

Those are the deep core in action.

It’s stunning to witness the results.

And I get to teach about it in-person soon.

hehe hehe hooray!!!

Deep Core Connection – A Yoga Therapy 3 week mini-series
hosted by Cary Yoga Collective, 2425 Kildaire Farm Road, Suite 407, Cary, NC
Tuesdays, May 17, 24 and 31
$90 / series or $35 / class
Max students: 8
We all know we need a “strong core”, right?But what exactly does that mean? (Hint: It might be a bit different than you think.)

And how do you get one?

In this 3 week mini-series, we’ll dive down and explore what’s called the deep core. You’ll learn why the deep core is critical to both stability and mobility, explore a wide variety of sneaky-hard movements that activate the deep core, and learn one big way we tend to impede access to the deep core.

This class will be primarily on the floor in seated, lying down, belly and side lying positions. It will be appropriate for all levels of students who are able to access the floor.

·  As with all Yoga Therapy classes, you’ll complete a pre-series questionnaire that will help to customize the class for the registered students.
·  At the end of the mini-series, you’ll receive a video link to a 10 minute practice sampling from the deep core classes you’ve completed.

I’d love for you to join me for this mini-series.

I think it will be surprising to feel some new stuff in that most excellent body of your’s.
And I know we’ll have some fun.

There’s 3 spots left right now.

Register here or drop me a note if you’ve got questions, rachel@pureresilienceyoga.com .

Take good care,

6 weeks for hips and low back

I have no idea how to start this.

The competing voices in my head have many opinions,
“Write about why you haven’t written (again) in so long!”
“No! Write something cute and quippy!”
“No! Write how you’re feeling in your body right now!”
“No! Write about filming your little chai time practices!”

Alright, alright.

I hear you all. You’ve got ideas out the wazoo.
And I appreciate that.

But if you can all hush up for a quick sec, I’ll ask the most important question,
“Rachel, what do you want them to know?”

The answer is this.

Things are hard.
And things are better.
All in the same breath.
All in the same moment.

That’s the big stuff.

And in the here and now in these four walls and in this little life of mine, I miss something.

I miss people being together. In a group class. That I get to teach.

That’s something I can control (few things can I, you know).

Sooooooo… here’s the scoop.

I’ve got an in-person 6 week series coming up.
My first one since fall 2018.


As my now 9 year old Ruthie said years ago at Target in the diaper aisle, following a seriously impressive roll-around-on-the-floor temper tantrum, sitting up alert as a meerkat and spinning her wide, clear eyes around to look at me,

“huh. What happened to Ruthie?

Right? I totally get it, girl.
So here we go with what’s next for me:

In-Person, Small Group Yoga Therapy for Low Back & Hips 
Tuesdays, March 29th – May 3rd
Cary Yoga Collective
2425 Kildaire Farm Road, Cary
In this series, we will:
  • Be in good company with other curious and amusing learners who want to feel better.
  • Complete a pre-series questionnaire that will customize the class Goldilocks style jusssttt-right.
  • Explore how movement, stillness and breath can turn the dial down (or up) on tight, grabbing, pulling, pinching, aching (you get the picture) hips and low backs.
  • Get curious about the multi-faceted puzzle of pain and tension.
  • Learn some basics of pain science and tissue properties.
  • Leave with a personalized booklet of 6 just-right-for-you ways to take good care of your back and hips.
We’ll have a small group with 6-8 students total. I love that since it allows me to give individual attention but also feel the collective joy + learning from together time. (As a student, I’m pretty poor at asking questions of my teachers so I love being in class where other people have good questions. I get to stay shut-up in absorption mode but also get learn. Yesssssss for my learning style. Luckily, I do happen to talk more as a teacher… eh-hm… much more. I’m quite excitable in case you haven’t noticed.)
Honestly, I don’t love moving all that much. I’d much rather lie on my screened-in porch, read a book and drink some tea. But I also know that when I do that, I eventually feel like a lump, my aches turn up as does my restlessness.

So I’ve got to use a bit of trickery with little ol’ me to get in some movement.
Because I know that when I do it, I feel better. 

Not earthshaking information, but somehow never ceases to surprise me.

Move better, feel better.
Simple, but not easy.

The cost of the series is $179.

I can’t wait for a handful of us curious learners to hang out together for a bit..
I’ll bring my wonder wandering, my movement curiosity, probably some writing and whatever else it is that rolls up into me.

You bring all of you.

Signup for the 6 week series or – as space allows, individual classes – here:
call the Cary Yoga Collective in Lochmere Pavilion at 919-533-YOGA (9642)

No matter how long its been, I miss you. For real.

Take good care,

shhh… don’t tell……… actually do!

I did a thing!!!

A thing that terrified the guts out of me. (Figuratively only, thank goodness.)

I wrote a blog for my accrediting group, the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).

They asked me to do it, and actually did it.

Well, after some fun internal mental gymnastics above, below and through my doubt, I did it.
(You should have seen my floor routine… when I clicked “Send” on my final draft, I stuck the heck out of that landing!)

So, please read it. Yup, just click away and then scroll down the page to the Blog entries. You’ll see my piece on the left, Cultivate clarity through the practice of metta .

Where you can step into thinking (and feeling) a tad differently, even just for this moment.

And next, send me the metta which I explain in the piece. Because my racing heart would appreciate it.
(Ah, how the sleeping trees above settle my breath and soften my eyes.)

In the short article, you’ll also get a fun window in to how I work with my clients.
It’s a subtle technique, but one that can be oh-so-effective in reducing the sting of hard stuff in our bodies, minds and hearts.

Also known as,
the hard stuff in our lives.

With great joy from this shooting star moment,

sweep it under the rug!?!

I need to take a minute to commend myself.

Why, may you ask?

(Uh… what excuse can I use here?)

Because it was my birthday last week.
Because it’s the first week of a New Year.
And because I want to.

Now, I shall tell you the ways that I wish to commend myself.
(Prepare accordingly to receive my amazingness.)

In December, I replaced a washer seal with my Dad. Yes, that gnarly disgusting thing that can mold and get oh so disgusting on a front loader. I took apart a washer with my Dad and replaced that thing. AND we put it back together. AND it still works and DID NOT subsequently flood our rental house!


This past Saturday, I went to Ace, Lowe’s and Home Depot (twice) and – after 6 calls and 40 minutes on the phone with my Dad – found the right 5/8” to ½” sink supply line and ½” plugs to ensure our newly exposed bathroom pipes wouldn’t spray all over the place when we turned the water to (our real) house back on. And it worked!!! The supply lines + plugs worked!!!

This morning, I woke up and DID NOT want to get out of bed. Not a bit. It’s warm in that thing and quite soft. My sheets are smooth and drapey and it’s velvety dark in my room at 5:45am.

And at 6:00am.

And again at 6:15am.

Around 6:25 when I finally stated very clearly in my head, “I don’t wanna!” to the powers that be, they immediately came back to me with,

Not good enough.”


“I don’t wanna’” apparently wasn’t a good enough reason to not get up and take care of my sh!t today.


So, that’s exactly what I did.

I sighed, took a deep breath before (apparently) doing a polar plunge into my day and….

Wait for it……….

I sat up.

Then I…

Put my feet on the floor.

Next I….

Stood up.

And low and behold,

I walked to the bathroom.

I scraped my tongue, used my neti pot, splashed my eyes with cool water, and walked over to my yoga mat. I did 3 little stretches and sat my butt down on my meditation cushion for 20 minutes.

And I survived.

So (to clarify my roundabout storytelling), #3 is,
I did the thing that I didn’t want to do – because apparently “I don’t wanna’” wasn’t a good enough reason today – and I survived.

So those are my commendations.

Those are my celebrations.

Washer seals, sink supply lines, and getting out of bed.

Happy friggin’ New Year!

Here’s to more of the same!

For real.

Because this is life.

It’s imagining and
trying and
learning things
that toe dip into just enough new, novel and
“well, ew – that feels weird and slightly awkward.”

That edge zone is where I’m alive.
And it’s bizarrely sneaky in the many flavors that it can take.

Cheers to your life.
Cheers to your aliveness,


p.s. Need some help commending yourself? Or toe dipping into new and novel? I get it. And yes, it’s part of what I’m skilled at as a Yoga Therapist. My body thinks January is still the off-season so I’ve extended the holiday Yoga Therapy gift certificates. Take a look and come on in. Let me help you learn to celebrate you while we make what’s hard feel a little less hard through the tools of Yoga.

’tis the season… for short and sweet.

As winter greets us with her depth of darkness,
so does the light peek through stars of wonder.

My wish for you this holiday is to feel
the softness of something you touch,
the steam of something you sip,
the balm of something you hear,
the warmth of someone you love.

Sending kindness and mercy for all in this season of plenty,

p.s. If you know you need some support in finding you again, consider letting me help with one of these holiday Yoga Therapy gift certificates, offering nearly 20% in holiday discounts. I’d love to be with you in the New Year listening to what’s up for you and sharing a wealth of tools that make it not-quite-so-hard.