Growing Onward

A Half Day workshop in your garden



Remember that feeling when you left a yoga therapy private session? Are you ready for it again? Are you ready to feel at home in your body, clear in your mind, and open in your heart? To feel grounded in your feet and “ohhhh…. I see now…” about those thoughts that won’t stop running through your head?

(Me too! Me too!!! I’m ready to do that with you too!!!)

And more than all else, are you ready to make some sense of what’s going on right now and get clear on how to support your body, mind and heart in all of it? In a way that’s not according to an app or video but it’s just-right-for-you AND it’s in-person?

(Me too! Me too!!!)

Then let’s do it. Growing Onward is a deep dive, in-your-garden, three hour customized workshop for 1-3 people. 

It can be you and me one-on-one, or you and me with a couple of your dear soul friends. You know the kind… those people you can talk about anything with. Those people who always seem to get it when you talk about your hard stuff. Those are the people you’d consider asking to join you for this customized-for-you workshop. 

In this spacious session, we’ll:

  • Talk about the stuff that you can’t stop thinking about and you keep trying to figure out – whether its physical pain, family hard, life decisions or something else. Bring it on and bring it in

  • Take that stuff and make it not so big and confusing

  • Play with some new ways that are just-right-for-you, including – as we always do – a practical chance to explore movement for your body, a new perspective for your mind and, through it all, a soft place to land for your heart

  • Find a quiet corner alone (or a solo mini nature walk) to let your learning settle

  • Craft a real-time plan for you to go and grow in the next 2-3 months

  • (Groups only) Create a support plan for you to keep each other on track

And, (whoop whoop!) there’s BONUS goodness for you!!!

  • Book your workshop by Saturday, March 27th, and you’ll also get a one-on-one 30 minute follow-up Zoom session with me. This is a chance to check-in between 2-4 weeks after your workshop. We’ll chat on how your plan is playing out and keep you curious and creative in your at-home implementation of our workshop learning.

  • ANNNNNDDDD…. as a Growing onward learner, you’ll receive fun bonus videos. I’ll send the first few to you right after your workshop and additional short video explorations for body, mind and heart – available only to Growing onward learners – will continue to show up in your inbox throughout the spring and summer.

What’s expected of you

  • You choose your group ( maximum 3 people total) and include all names when you’re booking.

  • Complete the 3 question reflective questionnaire in preparation for your workshop. You’ll receive these questions 1 week prior to your scheduled date and they’ll be due to me 24 hours prior to your workshop.

  • Bring your own snacks and teas or other nourishing beverage of choice. (I sure will!)

  • Bring your mat and any props you love.

  • Honor current CDC directed covid-19 protocols including social distancing and using masks where social distancing is not possible.

Your investment

  • You commit to the cost of this offering, $569. (This is the total cost regardless of 1-3 learners. So if you decide to have two people total – you and a friend – you’d each pay half of the total cost. If you decide to have three people total – you and two friends – you’d each pay 1/3 of the total cost. In other words, it’s like you’re on a trip with your girlfriends and you decide to book an oceanside cabana as a group for you all to hang out in together. So one of you pays the total and the rest of you reimburse the payor with your portion of the total.)

  • You commit to showing up fully and completely as you. And telling your truth in the way that you can.

  • You commit to being settled and ready to start on time.

  • Payment – Once I confirm your booking by email, a 50% deposit is due. I’ll send you a payment link to make your deposit. 10 days prior to your session, you’ll receive a reminder to pay your balance. The final payment is due 7 days prior to your workshop.

  • Reschedule / inclement weather policy – Reschedule requests will be honored for severe weather or sickness. In case of inclement weather, there’s also the option to shift the format to a Zoom session. If all parties are fully vaccinated then an inside-your-home workshop is also an option.

  • Cancellation / refund policy – You may cancel for a full refund (minus $10 credit card processing fee) up until 7 days before your session. Under 7 days, full payment will be forfeited since it’s difficult to fill your time slot with that little notice.

How to book your workshop

As this is a live ½ day experience, I only have six openings available for the spring session. 3 are for weekend sessions and 3 are for weekdays. I won’t open up additional sessions until the fall season so if your gut’s saying “Oh, THIS is what I’ve been needing!”, then commit for you – grab a dear soul friend or two if you desire – and book your workshop date and time here. (If including friends in your workshop, when booking please note their names and email addresses in the “Appointment notes” field AND note which email address should receive the link to submit payment.)

What happens after you book?

First, I’ll do a happy dance over here!!! Hopefully you’ll do a happy dance on your end of the internet ether too!

I’ll make sure that I have contact information for all of your group (if a group booking) and then I’ll send you a link for your 50% deposit which is due upon receipt to confirm your spot.

7 days prior to your session, I’ll email you (and your group) with a reminder of your workshop day and time plus,

  • waivers for you to sign and submit
  • a list of “to bring” items
  • your pre-workshop reflection questions
  • anything else I think of that you need


Ready to gather together and grow together? AGAIN!?!? FINALLY!?!?

In your garden, in your way, in your time and with your dear people.



Click here to book now if you’re ready to grow onward. And remember… book by this Saturday, March 27th, and we’ll also get you scheduled for your bonus follow-up session with me!