Baby Steps

Serving my body daily with movement, stillness and breath tells it that I’m on its side. That I’m not fighting it even when I ask it to “push through” for a sprint. That it will get predictable love and attention within 24 hours.

And with that evolving relationship of listen and respond, my body and I are getting along so much better than we used to. Funny that… communication is the key to relationships and yet I for one spent years in a one sided relationship effectively YELLING at my body on when and how I wanted it to step up. Oops.

Live and learn. But without the flippancy to it. For real, live and learn.

How did I get started on this new pattern of listening and responding to my body? Baby steps. I made a very simple and very realistic plan to regularly respond to its needs. And low and behold, it worked. The change stuck. And I’ve since made many other life shifts in a similar sneaky to my brain / ego kind of way. Baby steps are more difficult to argue my way out of than grand and glorious makeovers of ME. Trainer in the past? Dropped her because I always had something better to do. Cutting sugar and carbs? Too inconvenient with kiddos around. In fact, in the past I generally avoided self improvement because it felt like WAY too much work.

And then I realized there was an entirely different way of changing.

Grand and glorious plans are awesome in theory but I have an equally awesome way of arguing my way out of them. They involve too much life shift for me to absorb comfortably. I perceive that I’m having to give up too much of my way of being and doing with huge life makeovers. But the “ah-ha” from my experience is that once a baby step – which is much more difficult to argue my way out of – takes hold as a new pattern, it can be an incredible impetus for more positive change because I have now experienced my ability to serve my body and feel better.

And I know – I know – that my clients who are feeling amazing ALL have a regular home movement practice. Sure, they might miss a day here or there at times. We all do. But they keep stepping back on the train. And they keep getting better. Breathing better. Feeling better. Less stressed, less anxious, less pain, and better sleep.

Curious? I’ve got something new that I’m offering as a baby step for you. Stay tuned for the next round of my mashed up rantings and musings.

There is always more. Are you ready for it?

Take good care,

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