come back to center

Ruthie turns 8 today. It feels floaty high to remember her torpedo launched freight train birth. But that’s another story for another time. Today, I get to watch her practice playing with all that she is – shadow and light braided together, a one of a kind stepper on this ground we call earth. (Just […]

permission to be

I know there are plenty of people who feel what they feel and think what they think and that’s that. Then there are those of us who have an extra layer to what we feel and think. We’re really good at watching the world and taking it all in. And we’re excellent at comparing ourselves to it. And […]

the cat got stuck and then…

Doh. I knew this part would be bumpy but holy smacks. It’s like for the past year, our little family of 5 was orbiting the normal world (aka “the pandemic pause”), looking down at the stunning and heartbreaking thing called earth, and now the past 10 days we’re getting a “smack smack smack” cartoon slap to the […]

how to witness

My friend’s text to me says, “How are you holding up with the birds fleeing the nest?” (Translation: “How are you doing with the kids back in school for the first time in almost a year?”) I stare at the screen, thumbs at the ready, tilt my head and look up toward the ceiling (is the […]

what does she want from me?

7 year old Ruthie and I sit in the dark, the clock drips to 9:00 p.m. Books and songs are complete. We’re together in stillness, because we can. Her voice crawls through to me, “Mama, how old were you when you got married?” “26.” A beat of in-betweenness and then she says, “I’m afraid of something […]

that’s not meditation

Hello to you on this January day. I’ve posted a short meditation video that’s inspired by this blog. Click here if you need a downshift right away or, read first for context, and watch it next. We spend a lot of time at my parent’s lake house. A lot of time. During summer visits, one of my kids’ favorite […]

you choose your way

A wispy breeze is emotion when let Be. Blowing in and blowing out.  Read on for two poems – both emerging this week from a time of much in our world and country. And selves. Consider. Where are you? What words serve you? What words stand beside you in company, hold your hand, offer you […]

thank you

I began this post with the intention to say, Thank You. And in this moment, I take a deep breath and choose to remain focused on my intention. Because even as I stare at news that causes my brow to furrow, my throat to close up and my eyes to scrunch in search of understanding, there is […]