touch in, touch down

  psst. Hey, you there… How’s the whirl twirl of the season feeling?? Are you skimming across the ice backward, sideways and with seamless pivots? Are you pushing the blue plastic skate “aid” thing along plowing the 2 inch thick layer of NC fake snow with your rented skate blades? Are you sitting over in the corner of […]

give it freely

My grandmother was magical. She was magical because around her I felt loved exactly as I am. When I think of her now, my heart gapes. She and my Granddaddy were the sun to our earth, moon and stars. And at Christmas, our time together was brilliant. There were endless cookies and candies that she […]

pause… listen

Nora’s wall of love An invitation awaits. To pause. To listen. To feel. What waits in the silence? A vastness. Beyond your toes. Beyond your touch. Beyond your reach. Big sky space. And in it, a container big enough for the hard. Please join me for this annual gathering that comes from deep within my […]

know the difference

Nora, Ru and I are in the carpool line waiting for AM drop-off to begin. BRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG Morning bell rings. Cars start up. Almost time to inch forward. “Oh no!!!!!” 7 year old Nora shrieks, “My water bottle wasn’t closed all the way!!!!!!!!!!!” She’s digging through her backpack, pulling stuff out. Dripping gloves, sopping purple crushed velvet […]

this made me laugh…

Not gonna’ lie, things are rocky in the valley of people-whom-I-love right now. And I’m tripping over the rocks left and right. Clues abound reflecting the obvious. Clue #1: No appetite for Rachel last night. At all. (Softening #1: Made ojas milk – similar to this one from Kripalu – to ground, nourish, and just-because it tasted […]

won’t you be my neighbor?

When we look out at nature, we’re looking at a mirror of ourselves. We’re looking at ourselves. Yoga also gives us this gift. The gift of a mirror to see ourselves. A mirror through the body in movement, the mind in philosophy, and the heart in meditation. Yoga’s sister science of Ayurveda gives us this […]