my friend told me to do it…

What’s that? A crazy beautiful sky my friend saw after our walk yesterday morning. Why does it matter? Because it’s up there. (And confirms that August in NC isn’t all Hades-hell-fire-kinda-miserable.) How do you see it? Pause. Look up. Pause. Welcome home. It’s nice to be with you for this moment. Take good care, Rachel

sizzlin’ summertime reset

I’m trying to focus and it’s not going so well. My mind is a butterfly. Or a bumblebee. Or some insect way more frizzy-busy and way less goal focused. bzzzzzzzzzzz…. splat. (ugh. Just hit a window. Get up and go again…) My kiddos went back to school today. It’s been a rockin’ sprint summer from our […]

to hurt and to heal

Joy. It is most apparent to me in the work that we do on ourselves. And the results that we see. “I feel that with the physical, spiritual, and internal growth that you have helped me with, it will help me continue to get better and feel better. This feeling of somewhat normal feels AMAZING! […]

6 weeks for hips and low back

I have no idea how to start this. The competing voices in my head have many opinions, “Write about why you haven’t written (again) in so long!” “No! Write something cute and quippy!” “No! Write how you’re feeling in your body right now!” “No! Write about filming your little chai time practices!” Alright, alright. I hear you all. You’ve got […]