how’s your grip today?

Well my friend, my computer bit the dust two days ago. I’ve been on borrowed time for a while and, I’m sorry to say, the machine is no more. sniffle. I loved that thing. We wrote many many pages together. (Many.) And apparently I’m one discerning – er, picky – girl when it comes to my […]

PRY Reopening Announcement

It’s humid as a rainforest here on my oak canopied block in North Carolina. I just returned from a walk with a dear neighbor friend and it was heavenly to come home into air conditioning, a technology that I sometimes fight against. But right now, I’m super duper grateful for it. phew. And so, I’d like […]

an interview!? on moi!!!

So, we went to the beach a couple of weeks ago. And camped our little booties off in the pop-up tent trailer. (Evidence above.) It was sweaty, salty and super sunny. Sounds spectacular, right? Weirdly, it was. And is. Because the contrast of discomfort to comfort was so stark – as it always is camping […]

all I’ve ever asked for is…

When courage bubbles up, I’ve learned something important for me. About me. I must jump on the moment – this very moment of flames jumping skyward – to take action. Because I know that this specific flavor of action for me is a passing wind. It isn’t a constant breeze. And I sit and wonder, have I […]

where love meets loss

The sun doesn’t set. It disappears as we spin onward and in place, all at once. It rests there, just beyond the horizon, hidden from searching eyes. It melts and spills over creep crawling earth. Coating bay waters, rushing sands, splicing scrub pines. We feel its residual light. We see the shadows left behind. The fuzzy soft […]

a concert for grandpa

Five year old Nora is sitting at the piano. Her Grandpa – my husband’s father – slowly makes his way down the stairs. One careful step at a time, mindful foot after mindful foot, he arrives in the sprawling basement. Nora sits at the piano and presses, one careful finger after the other. Plink.                                   […]