Fly Free

Greg is drying off a dripping 4 year old Nora just outside the tiny bathroom in my parent’s lake house. She is shivering as the pink terry towel rubs around on her sturdy little body.

“Daddy, tell me the truth,” And without pause, she revises to, “Daddy, tell me a weird truth.”

I smile from the kitchen which is a stone’s throw away in this small and love filled home.

Greg laughs and I can almost hear him wracking his brain for an acceptable response. Yet, he’s talented and fast with a deep well of random information. He reaches in and quickly extracts a match.

“Okay… you drive on a parkway and you park on a driveway. Is that a good weird truth?”

“Hmm… no.”

I thought it was pretty good. I give the man credit.

An hour later, barely 9 year old John has just finished a runaround on where he will sleep tonight. Will it be in the bunkhouse alone with his older cousin or in his normal nest on a cot in my parent’s room? I’ve witnessed (and to be fully honest contributed to) the inner turmoil of this decision for him and I’ve also watched it come to a place of stillness. His quality has shifted entirely as he has tugged apart the strands that had him wound around himself and choice. His brain that was ‘shoulding’ and trying desperately to rationalize something that his body could not get on board with.

And now, peace in his decision to stick with the cot. Peace in the lift of a weight. Peace in the spring of his step. Peace in the lightness of his voice.

He floats through the kitchen and says in passing amused exasperation with himself,
“I ALWAYS forget that things always work out!”
Weird truth.

It may not be in the time frame that we desire or the manner in which we envision, but this beautiful and wild way of things constantly steadies herself.

A mainstay mantra for me when things feel off kilter, unpredictable, unfair, off putting (you get the drift) is,
Just wait.

Just wait and wisdom will reveal itself.
Just wait and peace will bubble back up again.
Just wait and the tugs on your heart will loosen.

We in this place and this time have been gifted a life of privilege and security. For all of your fears that trickle in by the raceway of the mind, for all the rapids that arise ahead of your boat, for all the turbulence that greets your time in the air, just wait.

Our freedom is in the choice – over and over again – to love it and leave it.
Weird truth.

Moments ago I drove by a bald eagle feet away from me beside the bridge that spans this huge lake. He will not stay still for long. Neither did my car as it swept past. But we had our moment. And man, that moment was good.

May you embrace your freedom and feel the spread of your wings. This life is grand beyond measure.

Weird truth abounds.

With admiration,

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