free space inside!!! come one come all!

“All I need is a little S-P-A-C-E!!!!!” my insides rage.
(And sometimes my outsides too. oopsie.)

This happens to me for sure.

And it seems to visit more frequently in the heat of summer than other seasons.

Metta, or loving kindness, meditation can help to create some space.

And soften the heart, mind and body.

I recorded this 12 minute metta practice a couple of weeks ago for my Ayurvedic summer workshop participants. I think you should have it too.

When we try a something (truly any something) for a set amount of time, the rubber hits the road.

And we learn more about ourselves.

So maybe try this metta for the next few minutes. Or the next 3 days. Or 5 days.

To see what you see. Feel what you feel. Learn what you learn.

Or choose something else that suits.

There’s no one way.

Just a bunch of different choices.

So we begin.

Take good care,

p.s. I hereby vow to only send you a practice snippit (whether movement, meditation or breath) once a month. Practice whiplash is a thing for me and I want to be mindful of it in our distracted culture. (Let alone my distracted mind.) Any other weeks I write to you will continue to be for my little wonder-walks-on-paper. Or perhaps some borrowed wisdom.

p.p.s. Forward along this metta meditation to someone who needs some love and care. Imagine our ripples heading out there…  Ah… see how they roll???

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