it’s worth sharing

In 2018, I lost someone very dear to me.

With the deafening silence of deep grief came
a world
that was

WAY too loud.

In the early days of stunned stillness, I knew I needed to quiet the input.

Shutup the excess.
Release the chatter.
Be in the vastness of loss.

I knew I needed to enter the abyss of “what now?”

I turned to quiet, to stillness, to nature,
I gave up social media.

Bizarre as it sounds, this wasn’t a hard choice.
It was necessary and it was done in seconds.



Email subscriptions that didn’t warm my heart,

(In Ayurveda, a foundation of yoga therapy, deleting stuff is called medicine of subtraction.
I took a serious dose of it here.)

And then.
The softness.
The quiet.
The rest.

Fast forward over 5 years later…

I still have no Facebook account.

My dear friend forwards me a single TikTok every few weeks that makes me giggle.

My Instagram account is technically for my business but I open the app once every couple months so not exactly effective marketing.

See, my comparison brain is super duper active, always has been.

But I found that when left to my own mindspace without thousands (millions?) of others
trying to bend it,
it was quite healthy in there.

Bearable even in the hardest of hard.

Because now, I have more say over the input.
Not the Algorithms and the endless feeds.

I know that not everyone needs to put down social media nor wants to.

But I also know that numerous clients have lamented their phone’s hold on them.
Lamented that it has somehow removed choice from their lives.
That to walk away isn’t even an option.

I don’t wish a death like I experienced on anyone,
but I’m forever grateful for the long walk from there to here.


If you also wonder what it could be like with a little less social media and a little more Being in your life, check this out.

Wisdom 2.0 is a phenomenal organization that cultivates mindfulness in the tech space. They’ve got a Digital Reset coming up in July that is donation based,

I’ll partake, for sure.

(If it sounds right to you, trying out this Reset would be medicine of addition, a strategic add-on to support what you want to feel more of in your life…. whatever that may be.)

If you do sign up, drop me a note and let me know what you’re hoping to feel more (or less) of from doing it.

Exploring new habits can be tricky.
Structure and community can make it a tad easier.

Keep me posted on what you decide.
(kmp, right? Thank goodness I have an almost-teenager that educates me on the basics.)

Take good care,

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