There is a fire that is kindling inside of me. As my center of self settles into this messy beautiful dance of being – and deeply supporting others as they explore less pain and more ease – I become more and more familiar with the shameful voice that wants to extinguish that persistence. The voice that questions “What exactly, little Missy, do you think you have of value to add to the amazing teachers out there?” And, simultaneously, I become more and more familiar with the soft voice of purity and wisdom that affirms “All is well, Rachel. Step sweetly into courage and discomfort.” Excuse my language here but I am lovingly dubbing this second voice:
“See my shi!, own my shi!.”

Although quite frankly this loving and sweet voice never curses. That’s my fiery judgment layer on top of it.

Yup. Here I am.

Speaking of stepping into discomfort, I had the distinct pleasure of working with a group of 9 PTs and OTs last week in sharing therapeutic yoga. (Yes, I hear the paradox in that sentence and both sides are truth.) These incredible practitioners slowed down, felt in and embraced less is more in a beautiful way. One of the awesome points that I heard from them is that rehab is just the beginning to health. Ah, yes – if we can step into the space of being in our bodies for awareness and real power, what wisdom and longevity do they have to offer us?
We do not know our own potential to feel better.

I’ve also reflected with a couple of PTs recently on how we’re not taught how our bodies move. We learn how to read books, how to read numbers and equations, and perhaps how to read music but no standard education teaches us how to read and trust our bodies.

Say what?

If you’re ready to learn more about this amazing body and how it is working for you in ways you don’t even realize, I have a limited number of spots available in a pop-up therapeutic / hatha fusion class. Come explore what it is like to move with more ease, spaciousness and acceptance of what is.

Saturday, November 18th at Long Life Wellness Center
with Rachel Manetti of Pure Resilience Yoga
1:30-3:00 p.m.
Hatha / Therapeutic Yoga ($20)
Following the tenets of my therapeutic yoga private work, we’ll explore movement, stillness and breath to downshift out of the head and arrive in the wisdom of our bodies. There can be a tendency to use yoga as well as other physical movement to escape our everyday. In this practice, ground into the awesome reality of your body and its golden potential. Please email me to register.

Be well,

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