rachel, remember this…

To: Me
From: Me
CC: You

Dear Me,

I have something that I’d like to remind you (me) of.

We tend to look back on our lives and see how things worked out. We marvel at how we made it through. Or lament at how crappy it was at the time. Or pine for how good it was at the time.


The more we embrace where we are, when we’re here, the easier and more enjoyable life is.

Not easy. But possible.

With practice of attention to and kindness for the moment.

Kindness to self, kindness to others, kindness to whatever shows up.

The good stuff and the seeming bullshit.
And the real and true bullshit.

All of it, as Ram Dass would say, grist for the mill.

This is how our experience of life can change.

How it can transmorph in our hands,
alchemize in our minds
and flow into shimmering rivers of gold.

See the current there?
Ah, how it ripples and rolls.

Let it in. Let this life in just an ounce more.
Breathe in, breathe out, look around, you are here.

With love and admiration as you (me) wind your way,

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