The Big Beautiful

“John,” I say to my 8 year old who stands on the other side of our green like the sea waves of a counter top, “what word would you use to describe me?”

“What!?” the kid exclaims as he looks at me with saucer on-the-spot eyes.

My husband snickers beside me and freezes. He leans on the counter, chin in hand and ellbow resting with gravity. He tilts his head at John and I can almost hear his silent wonderment of, “How is this kid going to pull off an answer here???”

I ignore my husband and focus my curiosity on poor unsuspecting John.

He pauses with an “Oh no” face. Takes a deep breath. Closes his eyes and waits.

“Shake your head like you’re clearing an etch-a-sketch,” I counsel ever-so-helpfully.

His eyes pop open and glow with certainty, He connects light to light as he looks at me.


He says this word with clarity and conviction.

I smile. Joy explodes from inside out to be Seen by this wise Being in a little boy’s shell.

My husband meanwhile throws his hands up in the air and, again, I can almost hear him in his inner musing, “If ONLY he could feed ME this stuff!”


Well, yes. And is Me. I Am All of It. Just as You are All of It. Just as this Earth is All of It. Just as the seasons are All of It. Just as 7.7 billion of us are each and every one, All of It.

The achy and throbbing of loss.
The light and airy of happy.
The hot and prickly of mad.
The spacious and steady of joy.
More…. more… more…

I am – We are – All of It.


Contentment is not static. It is dynamic as the years, the seasons, the days, the minutes. Contentment is joy regardless of the landscape we are passing through.

Contentment is letting It All in. No man left behind. Our wholeness expanding by each additional minute of this life experience.

If you are ready to explore your Wholeness, I would love to work with you. Whether it be by privates, an upcoming fall retreat, or pre-study for my 2020 teacher training, there is so much of you that awaits your attention.

And in that beautiful More of You awaits indescribable contentment, joy and gratitude regardless of the moment in play.

I would be honored to be one of your guides. Come along – let’s explore.

Be well,

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