this made me laugh…

Not gonna’ lie, things are rocky in the valley of people-whom-I-love right now.

And I’m tripping over the rocks left and right.

Clues abound reflecting the obvious.

Clue #1: No appetite for Rachel last night. At all.

(Softening #1: Made ojas milk – similar to this one from Kripalu – to ground, nourish, and just-because it tasted darn good. Also popped a few dates while I was at it. They were super-yum in that crap moment.)

Clue #2: When I’m usually in bed come 10:00pm, I decided AT 10:00pm last night that I should organize my bookshelf. Like the whole thing. After all, I can control the damn bookshelf but I can’t control the other steaming piles of horse poo those around me are mucking through.

(Softening #2: I did it. Moved books around to the rhythm of “pull-move-insert-repeat,” for 10 minutes. Then when the timer went off, I walked away and got ready for bed.)

(Helper alert: My husband set a timer for me and oversaw my walk-away. Because I probably couldn’t have done it on my own.)

Clue #3: I just spent 2 hours escaping into “learning clips.” With the excuse of cleaning out my Inbox. Applied psychology, movement education, TED talks, and more, my oh my. About 90 minutes of indulgence in learning. Which is a sneaky escape from the moment for me. Granted, a not so harmful one to myself or others.

Until it is because it’s standing in the way of what I need to do.

Write the blog already, RM.

(Softening #3: See that I fell in the hole. Watch another clip to finish up which is, of course, about not being a jerk to yourself with the very real Dan Harris. Yup yup. I’m a fan of that approach but time to practice now.)

Stop the watching. Call it complete. Do the thing that needs to be done.

Don’t need to beat myself up for my learning binge but onward to the writing.
Er – and making some chai as a reward on the other end.

Yoga Therapy is apparently about pulling your head out of your ass.

(If you didn’t watch the video above, that reference will feel a bit crass. So circle on back when done reading because it’s worth a watch.)

Yoga Therapy is about reclaiming where we have choice and responsibility in our lives and learning to actually let go of the rest.

In whatever shape or form or act letting go takes for you. Or for me.

Over and over again.

This is not a single wash cycle we are on. Lots of laundry to do in a life.

So that’s it. I’m in some stuff right now. Watching those around me work through their stuff. Me doing my thing of seeing and sitting and Being. And thinking and writing and doing.

Being me.

Doing my Rachel’ing.

While you do your you’ing.

And onward we go.

Take good care,

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