To See Anew

My New Year’s resolution is… to jump rope.

My 8 year old son and I are doing this together. We started yesterday and we did it again today. Right now, I want to do 50 jumps per day. But I recognize that some days, I may simply step through the rope a single time. Some days, I may leap through it alternating legs up and down my driveway like a jack rabbit on Pop Rocks. I have absolutely no idea where I’ll be each day or what life will throw at me. But my resolution and intention is to respond to that day with exactly what I have left in my tank. Whether the needle is at empty and I do the single step through or it is at a quarter tank full and I can do a little more, I will listen. And I will respond with love and compassion for where I’m at.

Day in and day out, I want to allow my feet to leave the ground and to meet it once more.

Day in and day out, I want to watch my story unfold beside my husband’s story. Beside each of my kids’ stories. Beside so many whom I love as they write their own stories.

Day in and day out, I want to see the joy within sorrow and the sorrow within joy.

Day in and day out, I want to help others and I want to let others help me.

Day in and day out, I want to feel what I feel and notice when I make myself wrong for it.

Day in and day out, I want to slow down even more. To do nothing even more. And to practice the ancient art of “hanging out” even more.

Day in and day out, I want to support others as they explore deeper meaning and impact in their lives and I want to be supported as I explore deeper meaning and impact in my life.

Day in and day out, I want to see when my fears stop me up and to see when my snowballish striving stops me up.

Day in and day out, I want to listen for more. Ever more. Beyond sight, beyond sound, beyond touch, beyond taste, beyond smell – the Ever More.

This will all unfold as the story ahead unfolds. As the pages turn they will show me the scenes, the characters and the plot lines that hold my intentions thick within their wonder. And in the space between the words, will rest the Feeling. The copious, indescribable, earth shattering, cosmos shaking Feeling of this whole thing called Life.

I don’t have to make it happen. It’s already happening. I just get to sit back, do my work, and watch it all unfold.

Yes, more than anything else. I want to watch it all unfold.

Oh, and for now, I’ll jump rope. John’s intention is to do 5 jumps in a row and he said he’ll see what comes next.

I’m in, kid. I’m in.

With love and admiration for each of you,

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