Why Things Hurt

“But WHY is this happening?”

I hear this question a lot. My new clients walk in and can decrease pain levels fairly quickly through appropriate movement, stillness or breath practices. They are amazed. Grateful. And then, at some point in the process of healing, for most of us humans (most definitely me included!), the grappling with “I just don’t understand why this is happening to me.” is like a mooring that keeps us from moving forward even more. It keeps us bound to what we’ve known in the past as the right thing. The body we want back. Not the amazing potential for the future when we can be in this body step by step and day by day just as it is.

In this awesome Lorimer Moseley TED talk, well known neurobiologist and pain revolutionary Lorimer Moseley (who is hilarious as well) helps to explain why pain is so darn complex in its totality. It isn’t just that you hit your leg on the table or that you stubbed your toe. There is a host of conditioning and context that comes along with that to determine your individual pain response. Watch and learn. And then, watch again if you’re like me and totally fascinated!

I want to just let this one simmer for you guys. Next time, I’ll talk a bit about how pain is so darn simple as well. Yes, you read that right. And I’m serious.

Let’s start at point A together first. Check out the video for today and let me know your thoughts.
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