YogaFest 2018 and more (of course)

Once again, hello Calgary! I’m back for two more weeks of yoga therapy training in this two year adventure. A Chinook has come through so my snow pants aren’t biting back negative temps… yet. I’ve got two weeks here so keep your fingers crossed for me that the warm’ish front sticks around. (Hope you guys are enjoying the fresh snow back in NC!)

Once again, I’m also in a space where my teachers are challenging me to see even more as I watch how people are moving well and where they can move even better. They’re challenging me to recognize my biases in how I see movement, connection and synchrony in joints, and the whole of a person. They’re challenging me (for what feels like the millionth time) to go beyond my default patterns – of movement and being – to keep getting better. And better.

Allow me to share a direct quote from my primary teacher:

“You are REALLY good. But don’t you want to be GREAT? What could you do with GREAT?
Can you imagine that?”

To which my inner cranky child replies (fortunately not out loud):

“Geez, that sounds like more work. I’ve already done A LOT of work. Can’t you see that!? I strongly dislike work. Of course, I am signed up for this training for the full two years (and paid in full) so I suppose the work is already happening. Might as well go for GREAT.”

And although I make it sound nonchalant in my acquiescence, there is no doubt that I want to be flashing letters, neon lights, Hollywood sign visual impact:

Capital “G” Great.

I should clarify. This is not about wanting to be a big, well known yoga therapist who teaches classes in my fancy yoga clothes for huge online streaming audiences. Nope. There are teachers for that but they are not this girl. Yet, I do want Capital “G” Great and for good reason.

As I get better, I can help my clients more efficiently (which means faster). As my clients feel better and move better, they can live their lives more fully. They can have energy to play with their kids and grandkids once more, they can rationally talk to colleagues instead of argue with them due to exhaustion, and they can get back to walking, hiking and the general playfulness that can be a part of all of our lives. Most of all, they can spread more goodness throughout the world. You see, when we feel better, we’re generally kinder to ourselves and those around us.

Yes, kindness. It is a big deal. So, in fact, I am going for capital “G” Great.

The annoying (and kind of hilarious) part of this all is that my old great is my new good. And so there is more. A new great that awaits me. Always more.

It’s just like our bodies. We can will our way through most anything. Or, we can explore what it is like to step by step, diligently and consistently do what we are actually capable of doing without grip, or brace, or strain. Stepping from good into great takes one baby step at a time.
It is real and it is game changing.

Curious? It is quite empowering to learn that one is anything but helpless when it comes to pain and feeling generally stuck. If you want to play a bit, I have an opportunity to share. Mark your calendar:

The 7th annual YogaFest NC
Saturday, April 7, 2018
McKimmon Center, Raleigh NC

I’m pleased to share that I am a part of YogaFest this year. I’ll be offering a one hour therapeutic yoga class based around my teaching principles for decreasing pain and increasing resiliency. I’ll also be hosting a 20 minute mini-lecture to directly discuss and answer questions regarding moving with intention and efficiency. This is a beautifully organized conference that benefits the local not for profit You Call This Yoga through a day of classes from 40 area yoga teachers, mini lectures, and an end of day culminating nidra and gong bath . Registration including an early bird special is available here.

Please consider joining the fun and coming to see me and the full lineup of teachers this year. I have no doubt that my belly will be fluttering with butterflies as I take this baby step along the path toward my new Great – whatever that ends up looking like. Come along with me and we can find out together. I’m ever so joyful to have familiar faces and hearts along the way with me.

Be well,

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