deep core connection: a mini-series

I’m sitting in a room the size of an airplane hangar watching a bunch of kids flip, flop, tumble, swing, and generally defy gravity.

eh. More so work with it.

I’m at my 9 year old’s gymnastics practice. And it’s awesome watching bodies move in every which way.

This place can look a bit like Olympics training grounds sometimes.

My favorite moves are the ones that are so controlled, so precise, so smooth.

A handstand lowered onto a flatback.
A back rollover into a pushup position.
A swing around the bars with that freeze frame of a handstand on top.

So cool. So much work. So much screwing up. So much trying again.

These kids have made core connection.
Yes, they’ve got a bunch of big ol’ muscles swinging them in and around and down and up.

But those slowed down, subtle, most awe inspiring moments to me, those are a whole different can of worms.

Those are the deep core in action.

It’s stunning to witness the results.

And I get to teach about it in-person soon.

hehe hehe hooray!!!

Deep Core Connection – A Yoga Therapy 3 week mini-series
hosted by Cary Yoga Collective, 2425 Kildaire Farm Road, Suite 407, Cary, NC
Tuesdays, May 17, 24 and 31
$90 / series or $35 / class
Max students: 8
We all know we need a “strong core”, right?But what exactly does that mean? (Hint: It might be a bit different than you think.)

And how do you get one?

In this 3 week mini-series, we’ll dive down and explore what’s called the deep core. You’ll learn why the deep core is critical to both stability and mobility, explore a wide variety of sneaky-hard movements that activate the deep core, and learn one big way we tend to impede access to the deep core.

This class will be primarily on the floor in seated, lying down, belly and side lying positions. It will be appropriate for all levels of students who are able to access the floor.

·  As with all Yoga Therapy classes, you’ll complete a pre-series questionnaire that will help to customize the class for the registered students.
·  At the end of the mini-series, you’ll receive a video link to a 10 minute practice sampling from the deep core classes you’ve completed.

I’d love for you to join me for this mini-series.

I think it will be surprising to feel some new stuff in that most excellent body of your’s.
And I know we’ll have some fun.

There’s 3 spots left right now.

Register here or drop me a note if you’ve got questions, rachel@pureresilienceyoga.com .

Take good care,

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