6 weeks for hips and low back

I have no idea how to start this.

The competing voices in my head have many opinions,
“Write about why you haven’t written (again) in so long!”
“No! Write something cute and quippy!”
“No! Write how you’re feeling in your body right now!”
“No! Write about filming your little chai time practices!”

Alright, alright.

I hear you all. You’ve got ideas out the wazoo.
And I appreciate that.

But if you can all hush up for a quick sec, I’ll ask the most important question,
“Rachel, what do you want them to know?”

The answer is this.

Things are hard.
And things are better.
All in the same breath.
All in the same moment.

That’s the big stuff.

And in the here and now in these four walls and in this little life of mine, I miss something.

I miss people being together. In a group class. That I get to teach.

That’s something I can control (few things can I, you know).

Sooooooo… here’s the scoop.

I’ve got an in-person 6 week series coming up.
My first one since fall 2018.


As my now 9 year old Ruthie said years ago at Target in the diaper aisle, following a seriously impressive roll-around-on-the-floor temper tantrum, sitting up alert as a meerkat and spinning her wide, clear eyes around to look at me,

“huh. What happened to Ruthie?

Right? I totally get it, girl.
So here we go with what’s next for me:

In-Person, Small Group Yoga Therapy for Low Back & Hips 
Tuesdays, March 29th – May 3rd
Cary Yoga Collective
2425 Kildaire Farm Road, Cary
In this series, we will:
  • Be in good company with other curious and amusing learners who want to feel better.
  • Complete a pre-series questionnaire that will customize the class Goldilocks style jusssttt-right.
  • Explore how movement, stillness and breath can turn the dial down (or up) on tight, grabbing, pulling, pinching, aching (you get the picture) hips and low backs.
  • Get curious about the multi-faceted puzzle of pain and tension.
  • Learn some basics of pain science and tissue properties.
  • Leave with a personalized booklet of 6 just-right-for-you ways to take good care of your back and hips.
We’ll have a small group with 6-8 students total. I love that since it allows me to give individual attention but also feel the collective joy + learning from together time. (As a student, I’m pretty poor at asking questions of my teachers so I love being in class where other people have good questions. I get to stay shut-up in absorption mode but also get learn. Yesssssss for my learning style. Luckily, I do happen to talk more as a teacher… eh-hm… much more. I’m quite excitable in case you haven’t noticed.)
Honestly, I don’t love moving all that much. I’d much rather lie on my screened-in porch, read a book and drink some tea. But I also know that when I do that, I eventually feel like a lump, my aches turn up as does my restlessness.

So I’ve got to use a bit of trickery with little ol’ me to get in some movement.
Because I know that when I do it, I feel better. 

Not earthshaking information, but somehow never ceases to surprise me.

Move better, feel better.
Simple, but not easy.

The cost of the series is $179.

I can’t wait for a handful of us curious learners to hang out together for a bit..
I’ll bring my wonder wandering, my movement curiosity, probably some writing and whatever else it is that rolls up into me.

You bring all of you.

Signup for the 6 week series or – as space allows, individual classes – here:
call the Cary Yoga Collective in Lochmere Pavilion at 919-533-YOGA (9642)

No matter how long its been, I miss you. For real.

Take good care,

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