fill ‘er up, please

“Okay, this is a random ask but the next time that you make chai,
can I please have some?
Also just good morning and hope you’re doing well in general.”

This text made my heart


It came on a grey Thursday morning at 7:20am.

I know that normally when you get an ask at 7:20am you might not be the happiest camper.
But I was.
Seriously and truly.

This request put me up and over the top and squarely onto cloud nine.


Because she nailed it.

My neighbor nailed the sweet spot on this ask.

With very few words,
she asked me to share a little bit of my everyday joy.

When we do something – with love and pride – that someone else enjoys and the someone else proactively ask for that thing,

***joy sparks.***
This is the sweet spot.

When we are seen.

When we are seen for what we do well,
when we are told what we do well,
when we are asked for more of what we do well,
we feel fuller.

We touch the wholeness that is always there. 

And that feels magical. (Because it is.)

To be you is to be magical.

To be me is to be magical.

To be him is to be magical.

To be them is to be magical.

Say it.

Capital T “Truth” right there.

Take good care,

p.s. Today’s friendly PSA: Ask for help today and make someone magical. 💫✨🌟 😝

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