there she goes!

I remember her and smile.

5 years old and on the swing.

Her knees extending and flexing, extending and flexing.

Until finally,

she was up.

Soaring forward


flying back.

Forward ,
back ,
forward ,
The smile on her face,
the chains creaking,
the blue sky behind her.

I didn’t know you could do that!
I yelled up at her when she flew by once more.

She smiled, ear to ear an expanse of white teeth shining,

I always had it in me – but I hadn’t found it yet!!!

Her pumping continued, her swinging continued, but the words stuck.


I smile to remember. And to wonder.

What’s hiding out in me waiting to be found?

What’s hiding out in you waiting to be found?

hmm… to wonder.

Take good care,

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