“Home is where the part is”

“Home is where the heart is.”
Yes. Home is the space we hold with those whom we love. It is not a place of material possessions or walls built with force. It is deeply knowing that we are supported with ease and faith by those who believe in us. Exactly as we are. Home is where we are meant to be right now. And right now. And right now. It is as dynamic in the physical as it is unflappable in pure essence.

And how does this relate to my body? Well – home is also where the part is. Once again, there is no forced structure – no squeezing, lifting, tucking, pinching, bracing – necessary to be at home in this body. Where it wants to be right now – it knows that place. It is not a place of a flashy shape or pose. It is the place of ease and connection.

My parts know what they can and cannot do each day. If I honor their home in my movements for that day, they serve me and nourish me. If I fight home or try to force into a specific structure, shape of “rightness” or rigidity of “should be doing”, this body will exhaust on me and do so fast. My parts know they have unlimited potential. When I listen and move to their invitation, and not the range of what I THINK they should be doing, oh man, how I feel super powers of stamina coarse thorough me.
Then, we are an unstoppable team.

Home is where the part is.  Go ahead… try it. Just as you are right now. Change nothing. Just breathe and repeat a few times:
Inhale: I have arrived.
Exhale: I am home.

Be well,

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