Where is your space hiding?

There is always a conversation snaking through from your inner body outward. At this moment, I sit in the Minneapolis airport on the way home from Calgary. I am full up with new learning. I am grateful. I am tired. I am overwhelmed. Those are the words I put to this moment. But there is also magic in the potential of this moment. There is a parallel wordless conversation going on. My body has innumerable messages for me.

Right now, my right shoulder is holding tightly – almost like it is glued in place; afraid that it will fall out if arm doesn’t stick in like a peg forced into a hole. It reflects my exhaustion in an embodied way – a way that is in the tissue of my being. My favorite part is not the discomfort (ha!) but how much it has to tell me.

Every time my brain turns on to type, the shoulder rolls forward and gets that peg in the wood feeling.

Every time I pause, close my eyes and simply breathe – noticing my heartbeat in the midst of my return home – it effortlessly returns to its home in the socket.

The coolest part? I cannot even tell where that “released” position is. I can’t think my way there or plug it back into place. But the shoulder knows and with stillness and acknowledgement, it receives the arm bone willingly.

You tell me – what is my body asking for right now?

Ah, you hear it too… and so I close the computer. Be well, lovely people.


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