PRY Reopening Announcement

It’s humid as a rainforest here on my oak canopied block in North Carolina. I just returned from a walk with a dear neighbor friend and it was heavenly to come home into air conditioning, a technology that I sometimes fight against.
But right now, I’m super duper grateful for it. phew.

And so, I’d like to welcome you to another air conditioned space!
Check out this video to walk through my new office!!!

And since an office isn’t much good without some clients, here is my new and improved scheduling tool!
My business over the past 7 years has been a living, breathing organism.
It’s inhaled and exhaled.
It’s expanded and contracted.

Just like you have in your own way.

My work in yoga therapy is to help other’s navigate the sticky parts of their lives. Whether it’s something tricky for the mind, the heart, or the body, we’ve got a deep toolkit we can dive into together to help you worry less, sleep better and find more space in the hard stuff.

This approach is how I take care of me.
It’s how I have the space and perspective to write in the way that I do.
And to see my life in the way that I do.

Before I leave you, I want to share 5 reasons why I know we’d have fun together helping you too…

#1 Because we both adore our families and friends and want to give the best parts of us to themAlways.

#2 Because we both know we should move our bodies – and that we feel better after doing it – but it can feel SO hard to motivate to do it in the first place. (SOOOOOOOO hard.)

#3 Because we both yearn for an undercurrent of calm in this hustle bustle of “return to normal-ish” 2021.

#4  Because we both know we can’t change some (er… many) of the hard parts of life, but we can always build more inner strength, stability, and flexibility both in our minds and in our bodies. 

#5 Because we’re both insatiable learners. And we’ll never stop growing or wanting to do more than we do right now.

If that’s you, then let’s talk about how a session could be the just-right-for-you support that you need right now. You can book a 20 minute complimentary consultation so we can have exactly that chat.

Or if it’s been over a year since we last met but you already know you want to come in for a full session, you can book a 60 minute “new client” session. (Even if it’s not your very first session, if it’s been a while since you were with live with me, I’d like you to register with this link.)

I’ve got a little half smile on my face right now. Which is partly because Mira – my cat – is beside me on the bench and she’s super soft. And it’s also because I’m excited nervous to get back in the office and to help you get further down the road that you want to be on.

I hope “excited nervous” touches you in the mix today too. Whether it’s about signing up for a session together or about something else, may you find a way to push into your own new and courageous next step.

Just a tad. Just a taste. We step forward together.

With gratitude,

p.s. Here’s that scheduling link again. Stay cool and well today.

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