how’s your grip today?

Well my friend, my computer bit the dust two days ago. I’ve been on borrowed time for a while and, I’m sorry to say, the machine is no more.

sniffle. I loved that thing. We wrote many many pages together.

And apparently I’m one discerning – er, picky – girl when it comes to my computer. I know this because I’ve declined two that have landed on my doorstep and am awaiting the arrival of the holy grail of my new machine.

Or so I hope.

In the meantime, I’m writing this on the blessed Mailchimp app that I had to download onto my little phone.

Because who wants to write a blog / newsletter on a phone keyboard?

I’m sure someone does but it isn’t me. Unless there is no other option. Then I’ll do it.

Which I am.

So this is me making it work over here.

And I know you’re making it work in your own ways over there.

Because that’s what we do.

We make it work.
In as compassionate, courageous and loving a way as we can, we make it work.

This moment, this day, this year, this life.

We shape that which we are given.

I think for now, all I want to share is this.
A reminder of sorts.
A momentary anchor if you choose.
A bit of ground if you desire.

Shape that which you are given.

This clay is just for you.

Much love from this little screen and keyboard of mine,

p.s. Godspeed new computer… may we find each other soon.

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