shhh… don’t tell……… actually do!

I did a thing!!!

A thing that terrified the guts out of me. (Figuratively only, thank goodness.)

I wrote a blog for my accrediting group, the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).

They asked me to do it, and actually did it.

Well, after some fun internal mental gymnastics above, below and through my doubt, I did it.
(You should have seen my floor routine… when I clicked “Send” on my final draft, I stuck the heck out of that landing!)

So, please read it. Yup, just click away and then scroll down the page to the Blog entries. You’ll see my piece on the left, Cultivate clarity through the practice of metta .

Where you can step into thinking (and feeling) a tad differently, even just for this moment.

And next, send me the metta which I explain in the piece. Because my racing heart would appreciate it.
(Ah, how the sleeping trees above settle my breath and soften my eyes.)

In the short article, you’ll also get a fun window in to how I work with my clients.
It’s a subtle technique, but one that can be oh-so-effective in reducing the sting of hard stuff in our bodies, minds and hearts.

Also known as,
the hard stuff in our lives.

With great joy from this shooting star moment,

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