soooo…. what do you want?

The 500+ promotional emails I’ve received since Thanksgiving reflect the noise of the world.
(And the noise in my mind. And body. And heart.)

Delete All is a super helpful and gratifying feature in my email.

Ah, instant
S          P           A           C           E.

Movement, stillness, breath and the tools of meditation and mindfulness can also give us

s p a c e.


Time out.


That’s not Netflix. Or social media. Or the black hole of my pantry.

The Mary Poppins bag of yoga therapy is available anytime and every time
we want it.

We need it.

You see, a yoga class can be wonderful.
But the right yoga tool at the right time can be

I used to “pishaw” at yoga as an escape.
(Good thing I’ve given myself the liberty of growing and evolving this play-doh mind of mine.)

Because we do.
Need it.
A lot.
Right now.

I’m here to help – with these three holiday packages that could get you re-remembering what yoga therapy can do for you
or perhaps, introduce you for the first time.

We want to be there for our partners, our kids, our jobs, our pets…

Hard stuff. It’s hard stuff showing up for life right now.

Consider whether you, or someone you love, needs to feel a little less overwhelmed and a little more calm in this ocean of blah ugh yuck waves crashing upon us.

Take good care,

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