thank you

I began this post with the intention to say,

Thank You.

And in this moment, I take a deep breath and choose to remain focused on my intention. Because even as I stare at news that causes my brow to furrow, my throat to close up and my eyes to scrunch in search of understanding, there is something else spied from the berth of my vision.

I began writing this blog every other week in January of 2017. And so in this January of 2021, I have had the chance for 4 beautiful years to write for you. Over 100 times. And for me. To have your eyes read my words. And in that time, in some way, I have been connected with people that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Regularly. With the flow of ideas toward your considering head and heart, we have met each other in some space made by our togetherness.

I suppose that is where we can continue to grow. You. Me. All of us.

We read and hear about other’s experiences and thoughts. We listen closely. We watch. We allow different ideas to resonate at the level that we can understand. Have compassion. Provide whatever opening our own heart can muster.

Not to change them.
But to heal us.


And in bringing ourselves back toward a center – a center of knowing and not knowing all at once – we will discover what is meant to be next.

I am grateful for your eyes.
I am grateful for your hearts.
I am grateful for your choice to pause here with me for the last four years.

May I offer to others the same gifts that you have offered to me.

Thank you. Deeply and truly in this New Year of 2021, thank you for this opportunity to be with you.

It is so. very. very. good to be with you.

Take care. And let’s remember to exhale sometimes,

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