what do i know?

My word for this Christmas is
like our cat marveling at never catching the light dappling the kitchen wall.
My approach for this Christmas is
make it work
like adding some of my 34 ounce Ayurvedic self-massage sesame oil, pump by pump, to our peanut butter blossom cookie dough… to balance out the very unhelpful healthy Whole Foods peanut butter.
My responsibility for this Christmas is
to take ownership of my choices
like the thinking feeling being doing powerful human that I am.
And my intention for this Christmas is
like the heating pad on my belly, the weight blanket on my chest, the eye pillow on my face and the tracing of my breath in the air during these long cold nights.


May you find your own needed gifts-of-knowing on this Eve of Christmas 2020.


I wish you well as you choose your way.


With deep gratitude,

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