the 10 year old teacher on “judgmental”

Ruthie turns 8 today. It feels floaty high to remember her torpedo launched freight train birth. But that’s another story for another time.

Today, I get to watch her practice playing with all that she is –
shadow and light braided together,
a one of a kind stepper on this ground we call earth.
(Just like me. Just like you.)

And although magical to me, this day did not start out feeling magical to my son.

It’s so very hard to feel that undoubtedly a sucky situation will never change, isn’t it? Especially with someone who we love and so very much WANT to enjoy and be around. But instead, we find ourselves judgy and miserable when they do the same old same old and we react with the same old same old. It’s some heavy quicksand this roundabout we ride on. And although I know we as grownups may have more layers to our relationships, there is much to learn from beginner’s mind.  Watch this quick story about John and his sister and how he found his own way toward less judgmental and more present.

Watch. See. Feel what you feel in response. And notice, how does it feel to be human with him?

And with me. And with each other.

I’m grateful we are here together. Bumbling along, it’s good to travel with you.

Take care,

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