the cat got stuck and then…


I knew this part would be bumpy but holy smacks. It’s like for the past year, our little family of 5 was orbiting the normal world (aka “the pandemic pause”), looking down at the stunning and heartbreaking thing called earth, and now the past 10 days we’re getting a “smack smack smack” cartoon slap to the cheek as we blaze through re-entry to the atmosphere.

Today’s highlight reel of proportionally representative mess comes by way of our two cats and includes, A) not just a single turd but a rogue pile of poop, B) a verifiable bucket of pee (one of the cats got stuck in the basement last night), C) morning vomit, and D) afternoon puke that trailed a good 18 inches from wood onto carpet.

ugh yuck wow blech.

And it’s fitting.

Because as I’ve said, right about now, re-entry into the atmosphere of “our normal world” is slimy slippery, rough and tumbly. Our little spaceship’s bouncing off some everyday rubble and flipping flames into the space around us. There’s enough human emotional biohazard in this house for the well deserved title of shitstorm.

Well, break out your umbrella, my friend, because pieces of my life have no silos. So, you’ve already seen and will continue to see me bump scraping along in my blog as I try on some new (for me) things in the coming weeks and months.

Instead of doing the u-turn here on the page, check out this video (which does NOT include anything about cats) and how I injected a quick dose of ease into my day. Do it, feel what you feel and leave a comment about 1 thing you notice.

Until we chat again, I’ll be over here, cleaning up cat puke, poop and all the human emotional detritus in between. Well, to be fair, I can’t really clean up the emotional detritus but I can hang out with it. (While I also thank the inventors of Lysol wipes and Resolve for their worthwhile contributions to my life.)

Click here to watch and remember to comment with what you notice.

Take good care,

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