to hurt and to heal


It is most apparent to me in the work that we do on ourselves.
And the results that we see.

“I feel that with the physical, spiritual, and internal growth that you have helped me with, it will help me continue to get better and feel better. This feeling of somewhat normal feels AMAZING! Like I said to you, the pain I suffered for so long is unimaginable to me to have to suffer day in and day out. I am so thankful to you and the rest of the “squad”. It’s like regaining a second chance to enjoy and appreciate life.”

Right… this wise young man of 35 is so very right.

The results aren’t just what we see.

The results are what we feel.

I smile to have watched this tenacious client walk a bit of his journey of healing.

It is up and down and in and out and around – and back again.

But any interesting path offers us many views along the way. A hike with only waterfalls and rainbows would cease to be beautiful if we did not have contrast with the dense woods and the barely-there peeks out into the valley below.

Sometimes the leaves are so thick we can barely see our way out.

Dark shadows and entwined vines slow us down.

But we keep walking. Because that’s what we do.

And sometimes the woods thin out and the fog lifts and it’s crystal clear for miles upon miles.

That view.


We each wind our way through health and healing.

We each find the people that support us.

We each do it so we can be in our lives as fully as we can be.

To feel the joy, the loss, the learning and all that fills (and overfills) the space between.

Cheers to you as you grow.

Cheers to us as we grow.

Take good care,

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