touch in, touch down



Hey, you there…

How’s the whirl twirl of the season feeling??

Are you skimming across the ice backward, sideways and with seamless pivots? Are you pushing the blue plastic skate “aid” thing along plowing the 2 inch thick layer of NC fake snow with your rented skate blades? Are you sitting over in the corner of the rink making piles of snow since that’s more interesting (and even possible at all) than trying to do this thing of skating?

(Yes, I witnessed all of this on the rink near our house last week.)

No matter.

Christmas and this season can feel all ways. From one minute to the next, it can be a ride.


In the midst of it as in the midst of all, there are constants.

Softening of comforts large and small that is everywhere. It’s shock absorbers in the hard stuff.

Spacious and lightening. It’s a soaring upward and outward with tailwinds all its own.

Enveloping and courageous. It’s to love it all, “Come on in and stay a while” in rest from cold exile.

Grounding and expanding. It’s bowing down to it all, the gifts both clear and confounding.

Steady. It’s quiet and stillness deep in center.

Beneath the layers of loud, they’re always waiting.
Always present.

A place to sit back and rest when the hard is too hard, the pain is too high, the sticky is too stuck. A place to pause for even a moment and rest back into something bigger.

The realm of the heart.

May you touch the heart this holiday season. In the midst of the boom and bustle, the clinking glasses and the tinkling bells. May you be still enough to touch the heart in all its shades of splendor.

Grace. Joy. Compassion. Gratitude. Peace.

Welcome to you all. Welcome.

Take good care,

p.s. I’ve got a 1/2 day workshop coming up on Saturday, January 7th where we’ll practice touching these constants of the heart. This tool of deep rest is a very favorite in my own practice. Set the pace for your New Year and signup here. I’d love to spend time with you.

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