mystery solved!

Good news!!!

We don’t have to live in the dark any longer!
(haha… I crack myself up.)

My brother, a general contractor, has enlightened us as to what the “Self Healing” head-scratcher of a sign on the power pole means.

Ready for it??

It’s part of the new smart power grid system. It can tell when customers don’t have power and reroute the power.
What!!!??? How cool is that?
I’m gonna’ be hoping for that sticker to appear on my power pole from here on out.


it’s up to you.

As we now know a little more about that mysterious box and how it works, take a pause.

How does its little re-routing process offer a metaphor for your own taking???

What does the little box’s process of rerouting teach you about yourself? Perhaps about how you choose now – or – how you might choose differently in the future?


Drop me a note and let me know if you want to.

Take good care,

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