perplexed by this sign

First, you know you need to do the thing. That’s like Monday or Tuesdayish.

I need to write my blog. It’s the week for it and I post on Thursdays at 6:00am.

Right. Need to do it. Got it.

Except you don’t do it. Because you do other things. Which are either “worthy” things like make soup for a dear friend or “unworthy” things like watch Grace & Frankie.


Then you realize.

The minutes are ticking down until the kids get home.

It’s officially too late to do the thing without the crush.

So watchya’ gonna’ do?
Go left?
Or right?

Do you do the thing? Crunch and twist and squeeze to make it happen? Tighten up and bear down and crash through the defensive line of your family, ignoring the lush bed and soft sheets at your bedtime to turn instead toward the screen, the thunderous keystrokes, the grinding gears of guilt laden creativity???

The yellow eyed, devil horned, fire-engine red demon growls down at you,


eh. Maybe so. Maybe not.

Perhaps instead. You do not do the thing (aka the blog) because you’ve passed what you deem is the 11th hour. For your steady existence versus the slick slope into survival. Sacrificing the sleep you know you need to not just feel like non-crap but to also really and truly be in your life.

And instead you choose to make dinner, read to your kids, take a shower, do your daily reflection, turn off the light, sleep, wake up in the morning and get on your mat to move, sit for a few minutes in silence, and move onward into the day.

You embrace the ordinary.
(This time.)

Which then delivers you to your next pause.

And now. Now you choose to sit down, open the computer and write.

You celebrate that you did it at all. (Go me!)

You have compassion for where you fell off your intended plans – and for where you did choose to show up in your life. (Making dinner with Ruthie was super fun… and it’s beautiful that I chose it.)

You have curiosity for how it went and how it might go differently next time. (I do it earlier, I pull a piece of writing from one of a billion past musings saved on this brick of metal and memory, or some other scenario I haven’t even dreamed up yet.)

Then you smile at yourself.

Your very human self.

And you journey onward.

Curiosity. Compassion. Celebration.

These matter.

How can you visit with CCC today? Let me know if you desire.

Take good care,

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