bring it

Sometimes you’ll have a day when your kids are totally compliant. When they say yes, do what you ask, move along with the bedtime routine. You simmer in idyllic bubbly joy. Sometimes you’ll have a day when your kids are royal pains in the a$s. When they don’t say anything, do what they may, distract to the left, to the right, […]

fill ‘er up, please

“Okay, this is a random ask but the next time that you make chai, can I please have some? Also just good morning and hope you’re doing well in general.” This text made my heart sing. It came on a grey Thursday morning at 7:20am. I know that normally when you get an ask at […]

there she goes!

I remember her and smile. 5 years old and on the swing. Her knees extending and flexing, extending and flexing. Until finally, she was up. Soaring forward and flying back. Forward , back , forward , back. The smile on her face, the chains creaking, the blue sky behind her. “I didn’t know you could […]

mystery solved!

Good news!!! We don’t have to live in the dark any longer! (haha… I crack myself up.) My brother, a general contractor, has enlightened us as to what the “Self Healing” head-scratcher of a sign on the power pole means. Ready for it?? It’s part of the new smart power grid system. It can tell […]

perplexed by this sign

First, you know you need to do the thing. That’s like Monday or Tuesdayish. “I need to write my blog. It’s the week for it and I post on Thursdays at 6:00am.” Right. Need to do it. Got it. Except you don’t do it. Because you do other things. Which are either “worthy” things like […]

touch in, touch down

  psst. Hey, you there… How’s the whirl twirl of the season feeling?? Are you skimming across the ice backward, sideways and with seamless pivots? Are you pushing the blue plastic skate “aid” thing along plowing the 2 inch thick layer of NC fake snow with your rented skate blades? Are you sitting over in the corner of […]

give it freely

My grandmother was magical. She was magical because around her I felt loved exactly as I am. When I think of her now, my heart gapes. She and my Granddaddy were the sun to our earth, moon and stars. And at Christmas, our time together was brilliant. There were endless cookies and candies that she […]